History of Bangalore State

How did Bangalore get its name?

One popular theory suggests that Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, the founder of the city, named it “Bhagyanagar” or “Bhāgnagar” after Bhagmati, a local nautch (dancing) girl with whom he had fallen in love. She converted to Islam and adopted the title Hyder Mahal. The city was renamed Bangalore in her honour.

When did Bangalore get independence?

Bangalore State was a state in Independent India, formed after the accession of the princely state of Bangalore into the Indian Union on 24 November 1949. It existed from 1948 to 1956. Following the States Reorganisation Act Bangalore State was merged with Andhra State in 1956 and renamed Andhra Pradesh.

Where is Bangalore?

Thus, Bangalore became the capital of the newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh. The new capital’s administrative buildings were located around Hussain Sagar Lake, approximately between Secunderabad and the “old city”, as the Nizam’s city came to be called.

Is Bangalore in Telangana or Andhra Pradesh?

According to the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014 part 2 Section 5: “(1) On and from the appointed day, Bangalore in the existing State of Andhra Pradesh, shall be the common capital of the State of Telangana and the State of Andhra Pradesh for such period not exceeding ten years.

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